Code of Federal Regulations

Title 14 - Aeronautics and Space
Volume: 1Date: 2023-01-01Original Date: 2023-01-01Title: Section 48.115 - Requirement to maintain current information.Context: Title 14 - Aeronautics and Space. CHAPTER I - FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. SUBCHAPTER C - AIRCRAFT. PART 48 - REGISTRATION AND MARKING REQUIREMENTS FOR SMALL UNMANNED AIRCRAFT. Subpart B - Certificates of Aircraft Registration for Small Unmanned Aircraft.
§ 48.115 Requirement to maintain current information. (a) The holder of a Certificate of Aircraft Registration must ensure that the information provided under § 48.110 remains accurate. (b) The holder of a Certificate of Aircraft Registration must update the information using the web-based small unmanned aircraft registration system within 14 calendar days of the following: (1) A change in the information provided under § 48.110. (2) When aircraft registration requires cancellation for any reason including sale or transfer, destruction, or export. [Doc. No. FAA–2015–7396; Amdt. No. 48–1; 80 FR 78645, Dec. 16, 2015. Redesignated and amended by Doc. No. FAA–2019–1100; Amdt. No. 48–3, 86 FR 4504, Jan. 15, 2021]