Code of Federal Regulations

Title 49 - Transportation
Volume: 9Date: 2021-10-01Original Date: 2021-10-01Title: Section 1544.231 - Airport-approved and exclusive area personnel identification systems.Context: Title 49 - Transportation. Subtitle B - Other Regulations Relating to Transportation (Continued). CHAPTER XII - TRANSPORTATION SECURITY ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. SUBCHAPTER C - CIVIL AVIATION SECURITY. PART 1544 - AIRCRAFT OPERATOR SECURITY: AIR CARRIERS AND COMMERCIAL OPERATORS. Subpart C - Operations.
§ 1544.231 Airport-approved and exclusive area personnel identification systems. (a) Each aircraft operator must establish and carry out a personnel identification system for identification media that are airport-approved, or identification media that are issued for use in an exclusive area. The system must include the following: (1) Personnel identification media that— (i) Convey a full face image, full name, employer, and identification number of the individual to whom the identification medium is issued; (ii) Indicate clearly the scope of the individual's access and movement privileges; (iii) Indicate clearly an expiration date; and (iv) Are of sufficient size and appearance as to be readily observable for challenge purposes. (2) Procedures to ensure that each individual in the secured area or SIDA continuously displays the identification medium issued to that individual on the outermost garment above waist level, or is under escort. (3) Procedures to ensure accountability through the following: (i) Retrieving expired identification media. (ii) Reporting lost or stolen identification media. (iii) Securing unissued identification media stock and supplies. (iv) Auditing the system at a minimum of once a year, or sooner, as necessary to ensure the integrity and accountability of all identification media. (v) As specified in the aircraft operator security program, revalidate the identification system or reissue identification media if a portion of all issued, unexpired identification media are lost, stolen, or unretrieved, including identification media that are combined with access media. (vi) Ensure that only one identification medium is issued to an individual at a time. A replacement identification medium may only be issued if an individual declares in writing that the medium has been lost or stolen. (b) The aircraft operator may request approval of a temporary identification media system that meets the standards in § 1542.211(b) of this chapter, or may arrange with the airport to use temporary airport identification media in accordance with that section. (c) Each aircraft operator must submit a plan to carry out this section to TSA no later than May 13, 2002. Each aircraft operator must fully implement its plan no later than November 14, 2003.