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Pipeline and Haz. Matls. Safety Admin., DOT 

§ 172.312 

(d) Each package which conforms to 

a Type B(U) or Type B(M) package de-
sign must have the outside of the out-
ermost receptacle, which is resistant to 
the effects of fire and water, plainly 
marked by embossing, stamping or 
other means resistant to the effects of 
fire and water with a radiation symbol 
that conforms to the requirements of 
appendix B of this part. 

(e) Each Type B(U), Type B(M) or 

fissile material package destined for 
export shipment must also be marked 
‘‘USA’’ in conjunction with the speci-
fication marking, or other package cer-
tificate identification. (See §§ 173.471, 
173.472, and 173.473 of this subchapter.) 

[Doc. No. RSPA–99–6283 (HM–230), 69 FR 3668, 
Jan. 26, 2004, as amended at 79 FR 40609, July 
11, 2014] 

§ 172.312

Liquid hazardous materials 

in non-bulk packagings. 

(a) Except as provided in this section, 

each non-bulk combination package 
having inner packagings containing 
liquid hazardous materials, single 
packaging fitted with vents, or open 
cryogenic receptacle intended for the 
transport of refrigerated liquefied 
gases must be: 

(1) Packed with closures upward, and 
(2) Legibly marked with package ori-

entation markings that are similar to 
the illustration shown in this para-
graph, on two opposite vertical sides of 
the package with the arrows pointing 
in the correct upright direction. The 
arrows must be either black or red on 
white or other suitable contrasting 
background and commensurate with 
the size of the package. Depicting a 
rectangular border around the arrows 
is optional. 

(b) Arrows for purposes other than 

indicating proper package orientation 
may not be displayed on a package con-
taining a liquid hazardous material. 

(c) The requirements of paragraph (a) 

of this section do not apply to— 

(1) A non-bulk package with inner 

packagings which are cylinders. 

(2) Except when offered or intended 

for transportation by aircraft, pack-
ages containing flammable liquids in 
inner packagings of 1 L or less prepared 
in accordance with § 173.150 (b) or (c) of 
this subchapter. 

(3) When offered or intended for 

transportation by aircraft, packages 
containing liquid hazardous materials 
in inner packagings of 120 mL (4 fluid 
oz.) or less when packed with sufficient 
absorption material between the inner 
and outer packagings to completely ab-
sorb the liquid contents. 

(4) Liquids contained in manufac-

tured articles (e.g., alcohol or mercury 
in thermometers) which are leak-tight 
in all orientations. 

(5) A non-bulk package with hermeti-

cally sealed inner packagings not ex-
ceeding 500 mL each. 

(6) Packages containing liquid infec-

tious substances in primary receptacles 
not exceeding 50 mL (1.7 oz.). 

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49 CFR Ch. I (10–1–19 Edition) 

§ 172.313 

(7) Class 7 radioactive material in 

Type A, IP–2, IP–3, Type B(U), or Type 
B(M) packages. 

[Amdt. 172–123, 55 FR 52591, Dec. 21, 1990, as 
amended at 56 FR 66254, Dec. 20, 1991; 57 FR 
45458, Oct. 1, 1992; 64 FR 51918, Sept. 27, 1999; 
66 FR 45379, Aug. 28, 2001; 68 FR 45030, July 31, 
2003; 71 FR 54395, Sept. 14, 2006; 71 FR 78627, 
Dec. 29, 2006; 76 FR 3365, Jan. 19, 2011; 78 FR 
1073, Jan. 7, 2013] 

§ 172.313

Poisonous hazardous mate-


In addition to any other markings re-

quired by this subpart: 

(a) A material poisonous by inhala-

tion (see § 171.8 of this subchapter) shall 
be marked ‘‘Inhalation Hazard’’ in as-
sociation with the required labels or 
placards, as appropriate, and shipping 
name when required. The marking 
must be on two opposing sides of a bulk 
packaging. (See § 172.302(b) of this sub-
part for size of markings on bulk pack-
ages.) When the words ‘‘Inhalation Haz-
ard’’ appear on the label, as prescribed 
in §§ 172.416 and 172.429, or placard, as 
prescribed in §§ 172.540 and 172.555, the 
‘‘Inhalation Hazard’’ marking is not re-
quired on the package. 

(b) Each non-bulk plastic outer pack-

aging used as a single or composite 
packaging for materials meeting the 
definition of Division 6.1 (in § 173.132 of 
this subchapter) shall be permanently 
marked, by embossment or other dura-
ble means, with the word ‘‘POISON’’ in 
letters at least 6.3 mm (0.25 inch) in 
height. Additional text or symbols re-
lated to hazard warning may be in-
cluded in the marking. The marking 
shall be located within 150 mm (6 
inches) of the closure of the packaging. 

(c) A transport vehicle or freight con-

tainer containing a material poisonous 
by inhalation in non-bulk packages 
shall be marked, on each side and each 
end as specified in § 172.332 or § 172.336, 
with the identification number speci-
fied for the hazardous material in the 
§ 172.101 table, subject to the following 
provisions and limitations: 

(1) The material is in Hazard Zone A 

or B; 

(2) The transport vehicle or freight 

container is loaded at one facility with 
1,000 kg (2,205 pounds) or more aggre-
gate gross weight of the material in 
non-bulk packages marked with the 

same proper shipping name and identi-
fication number; and 

(3) If the transport vehicle or freight 

container contains more than one ma-
terial meeting the provisions of this 
paragraph (c), it shall be marked with 
the identification number for one ma-
terial, determined as follows: 

(i) For different materials in the 

same hazard zone, with the identifica-
tion number of the material having the 
greatest aggregate gross weight; and 

(ii) For different materials in both 

Hazard Zones A and B, with the identi-
fication number for the Hazard Zone A 

(d) For a packaging containing a Di-

vision 6.1 PG III material, ‘‘PG III’’ 
may be marked adjacent to the POI-
SON label. (See § 172.405(c).) 

[Amdt. 172–123, 55 FR 52592, Dec. 21, 1990, as 
amended at 57 FR 46624, Oct. 9, 1992; Amdt. 
172–151, 62 FR 1228, Jan. 8, 1997; 62 FR 39398, 
39405, July 22, 1997; 63 FR 16075, Apr. 1, 1998; 
64 FR 10776, Mar. 5, 1999] 

§ 172.315

Limited quantities. 


Modes other than air transport. Ex-

cept for an article or substance of Class 
7 prepared in accordance with subpart I 
of part 173, a package prepared in ac-
cordance with applicable limited quan-
tity requirements in part 173 of this 
subchapter and offered for transpor-
tation by a mode other than air must 
display the limited quantity marking 
shown in paragraph (a)(1) of this sec-
tion. A package displaying this mark is 
not subject to the marking require-
ments of § 172.301 of this subpart unless 
the limited quantity package also con-
tains a hazardous substance or a haz-
ardous waste. Required markings need 
not be duplicated if already marked as 
prescribed elsewhere in this subpart. 
As an alternative, a packaging may 
display the limited quantity ‘‘Y’’ mark 
shown in paragraph (b) of this section 
if the package conforms to authorized 
substance and article provisions and 
the inner and outer package quantity 
limits in § 173.27(f) of this subchapter. 


Marking description. The top and 

bottom portions of the square-on-point 
and the border forming the square-on- 
point must be black and the center 
white or of a suitable contrasting back-
ground as follows: 

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