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Pipeline and Haz. Matls. Safety Admin., DOT 

§ 172.317 

color sufficiently contrasts so that the 
black border, top and bottom portions 
of the square-on-point, and the ‘‘Y’’ 
symbol, if applicable, are clearly rec-


Transitional exceptions—(1)  Alter-

native markings. Except for transpor-
tation by aircraft and until December 
31, 2015, a package containing a limited 
quantity may continue to be marked in 
accordance with the requirements of 
this section in effect on October 1, 2010 
(i.e., square-on-point with identifica-
tion number only) as an alternative to 
the marking required by paragraph (a) 
of this section. 


ORM–D marked packaging. Except 

for transportation by aircraft and until 
December 31, 2020, a packaging marked 
in accordance with § 172.316 of this part 
is not required to be marked with the 
limited quantity marking required by 
paragraph (a) of this section. For 
transportation by aircraft and until 
December 31, 2012, a packaging marked 
in accordance with § 172.316(a)(1) is not 
required to be marked with the limited 
quantity ‘‘Y’’ marking required by 
paragraph (b) of this section. 

[76 FR 82174, Dec. 30, 2011, as amended at 78 
FR 1073, Jan. 7, 2013; 78 FR 65478, Oct. 31, 2013; 
80 FR 1149, Jan. 8, 2015; 81 FR 3671, Jan. 21, 

§ 172.316

Packagings containing mate-

rials classed as ORM-D. 

(a) Each non-bulk packaging con-

taining a material classed as ORM–D 
must be marked on at least one side or 
end with the ORM–D designation im-
mediately following or below the prop-
er shipping name of the material. The 
ORM designation must be placed with-
in a rectangle that is approximately 6.3 
mm (0.25 inches) larger on each side 
than the designation. Until December 
31, 2020, the designation ORM–D is for 
an ORM–D material, as defined in 
§ 173.144, that is packaged in accordance 
with §§ 173.63(b), 173.150 through 173.156, 
and 173.306. 

(b) When the ORM-D marking includ-

ing the proper shipping name can not 
be affixed on the package surface, it 
may be on an attached tag. 

(c) The marking ORM-D is the cer-

tification by the person offering the 
packaging for transportation that the 
material is properly described, classed, 
packaged, marked and labeled (when 
appropriate) and in proper condition 
for transportation according to the ap-
plicable regulations of this subchapter. 
This form of certification does not pre-
clude the requirement for a certificate 
on a shipping paper when required by 
subpart C of this part. 

[Amdt. 172–29, 41 FR 15996, Apr. 15, 1976, as 
amended by Amdt. 172–123, 55 FR 52592, Dec. 
21, 1990; 56 FR 66254, Dec. 20, 1991; 76 FR 3366, 
Jan. 19, 2011; 78 FR 1113, Jan. 7, 2013; 78 FR 
65478, Oct. 31, 2013] 

§ 172.317


handling mark. 


General.  For transportation by 

aircraft, each package containing self- 
reactive substances of Division 4.1 or 
organic peroxides of Division 5.2 must 
be marked with the KEEP AWAY 
FROM HEAT handling mark specified 
in this section. 


Location and design. The marking 

must be a rectangle measuring at least 
105 mm (4.1 inches) in height by 74 mm 
(2.9 inches) in width as measured from 
the outside of the lines forming the 
border. Markings with not less than 
half this dimension are permissible 
where the dimensions of the package 
can only bear a smaller mark. 


Transitional exception. A marking 

in conformance with the requirements 
of this paragraph in effect on December 
31, 2014, may continue to be used until 
December 31, 2016. 

(2) For domestic transportation, a 

packaging marked prior to January 1, 
2017 and in conformance with the re-
quirements of this paragraph in effect 
on December 31, 2014, may continue in 
service until the end of its useful life. 



dling mark. The KEEP AWAY FROM 
HEAT handling mark must conform to 
the following: 

(1) Except for size, the KEEP AWAY 

FROM HEAT handling mark must ap-
pear as follows: 

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