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Pipeline and Haz. Matls. Safety Admin., DOT 

§ 172.519 

and conforms to § 173.29(b)(1) of this 

(c) Exceptions. The following pack-

agings may be placarded on only two 
opposite sides or, alternatively, may be 
labeled instead of placarded in accord-
ance with subpart E of this part: 

(1) A portable tank having a capacity 

of less than 3,785 L (1000 gallons); 

(2) A DOT 106 or 110 multi-unit tank 

car tank; 

(3) A bulk packaging other than a 

portable tank, cargo tank, or tank car 

e.g.,  a bulk bag or box) with a volu-

metric capacity of less than 18 cubic 
meters (640 cubic feet); 


An IBC. For an IBC labeled in ac-

cordance with subpart E of this part, 
the IBC may display the proper ship-
ping name and UN identification num-
ber markings in accordance with 
§ 172.301(a)(1) in place of the UN number 
on an orange panel, placard or white 
square-on-point configuration as pre-
scribed in § 172.336(d); and 

(5) A Large Packaging as defined in 

§ 171.8 of this subchapter. 

[Amdt. 172–136, 59 FR 38064, July 26, 1994; 
Amdt. 172–148, 61 FR 50255, Sept. 25, 1996, as 
amended by 66 FR 45379, Aug. 28, 2001; 69 FR 
64473, Nov. 4, 2004; 75 FR 5392, Feb. 2, 2010; 76 
FR 43528, July 20, 2011; 77 FR 60942, Oct. 5, 
2012; 81 FR 35540, June 2, 2016] 

§ 172.516

Visibility and display of plac-


(a) Each placard on a motor vehicle 

and each placard on a rail car must be 
clearly visible from the direction it 
faces, except from the direction of an-
other transport vehicle or rail car to 
which the motor vehicle or rail car is 
coupled. This requirement may be met 
by the placards displayed on the 
freight containers or portable tanks 
loaded on a motor vehicle or rail car. 

(b) The required placarding of the 

front of a motor vehicle may be on the 
front of a truck-tractor instead of or in 
addition to the placarding on the front 
of the cargo body to which a truck- 
tractor is attached. 

(c) Each placard on a transport vehi-

cle, bulk packaging, freight container 
or aircraft unit load device must— 

(1) Be securely attached or affixed 

thereto or placed in a holder thereon. 
(See appendix C to this part.); 

(2) Be located clear of appurtenances 

and devices such as ladders, pipes, 
doors, and tarpaulins; 

(3) So far as practicable, be located so 

that dirt or water is not directed to it 
from the wheels of the transport vehi-

(4) Be located away from any mark-

ing (such as advertising) that could 
substantially reduce its effectiveness, 
and in any case at least 3 inches (76.0 
mm.) away from such marking; 

(5) Have the words or identification 

number (when authorized) printed on it 
displayed horizontally, reading from 
left to right; 

(6) Be maintained by the carrier in a 

condition so that the format, leg-
ibility, color, and visibility of the 
placard will not be substantially re-
duced due to damage, deterioration, or 
obscurement by dirt or other matter; 

(7) Be affixed to a background of con-

trasting color, or must have a dotted 
or solid line outer border which con-
trasts with the background color. 

(d) Recommended specifications for a 

placard holder are set forth in appendix 
C of this part. Except for a placard 
holder similar to that contained in ap-
pendix C to this part, the means used 
to attach a placard may not obscure 
any part of its surface other than the 

(e) A placard or placard holder may 

be hinged provided the required format, 
color, and legibility of the placard are 

[Amdt. 172–29, 41 FR 15996, Apr. 15, 1976, as 
amended by Amdt. 172–101, 45 FR 74668, Nov. 
10, 1980; Amdt. 172–123, 55 FR 52601, Dec. 21, 
1990; 65 FR 50460, Aug. 18, 2000] 

§ 172.519

General specifications for 



Strength and durability. Placards 

must conform to the following: 

(1) A placard may be made of any 

plastic, metal or other material capa-
ble of withstanding, without deteriora-
tion or a substantial reduction in effec-
tiveness, a 30-day exposure to open 
weather conditions. 

(2) A placard made of tagboard must 

be at least equal to that designated 
commercially as white tagboard. Tag-
board must have a weight of at least 80 
kg (176 pounds) per ream of 610 by 910 

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