Code of Federal Regulations

Title 49 - Transportation
Volume: 2Date: 2020-10-01Original Date: 2020-10-01Title: Section § 172.600 - Applicability and general requirements.Context: Title 49 - Transportation. Subtitle B - Other Regulations Relating to Transportation. CHAPTER I - PIPELINE AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS SAFETY ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. SUBCHAPTER C - HAZARDOUS MATERIALS REGULATIONS. PART 172 - HAZARDOUS MATERIALS TABLE, SPECIAL PROVISIONS, HAZARDOUS MATERIALS COMMUNICATIONS, EMERGENCY RESPONSE INFORMATION, TRAINING REQUIREMENTS, AND SECURITY PLANS. Subpart G - Emergency Response Information.
§ 172.600 Applicability and general requirements. (a) Scope. Except as provided in paragraph (d) of this section, this subpart prescribes requirements for providing and maintaining emergency response information during transportation and at facilities where hazardous materials are loaded for transportation, stored incidental to transportation or otherwise handled during any phase of transportation. (b) Applicability. This subpart applies to persons who offer for transportation, accept for transportation, transfer or otherwise handle hazardous materials during transportation. (c) General requirements. No person to whom this subpart applies may offer for transportation, accept for transportation, transfer, store or otherwise handle during transportation a hazardous material unless: (1) Emergency response information conforming to this subpart is immediately available for use at all times the hazardous material is present; and (2) Emergency response information, including the emergency response telephone number, required by this subpart is immediately available to any person who, as a representative of a Federal, State or local government agency, responds to an incident involving a hazardous material, or is conducting an investigation which involves a hazardous material. (d) Exceptions. The requirements of this subpart do not apply to hazardous material which is excepted from the shipping paper requirements of this subchapter or a material properly classified as an ORM-D. [Amdt. 172-116, 54 FR 27145, June 27, 1989; 54 FR 28750, July 5, 1989, as amended at 55 FR 33712, Aug. 17, 1990; Amdt. 172-127, 59 FR 49133, Sept. 26, 1994; Amdt. 172-149, 61 FR 27173, May 30, 1996]