Code of Federal Regulations

Title 49 - Transportation
Volume: 2Date: 2021-10-01Original Date: 2021-10-01Title: Section 175.630 - Special requirements for Division 6.1 (poisonous) material and Division 6.2 (infectious substances) materials.Context: Title 49 - Transportation. Subtitle B - Other Regulations Relating to Transportation. CHAPTER I - PIPELINE AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS SAFETY ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. SUBCHAPTER C - HAZARDOUS MATERIALS REGULATIONS. PART 175 - CARRIAGE BY AIRCRAFT. Subpart C - Specific Regulations Applicable According to Classification of Material.
§ 175.630 Special requirements for Division 6.1 (poisonous) material and Division 6.2 (infectious substances) materials. (a) [Reserved] (b) No person may operate an aircraft that has been used to transport any package required to bear a POISON or POISON INHALATION HAZARD label unless, upon removal of such package, the area in the aircraft in which it was carried is visually inspected for evidence of leakage, spillage, or other contamination. All contamination discovered must be either isolated or removed from the aircraft. (c) When unloaded from the aircraft, each package, overpack, pallet, or unit load device containing a Division 6.2 material must be inspected for signs of leakage. If evidence of leakage is found, the cargo compartment in which the package, overpack, or unit load device was transported must be disinfected. Disinfection may be by any means that will make the material released ineffective at transmitting disease. [71 FR 14604, Mar. 22, 2006, as amended at 71 FR 32263, June 2, 2006; 80 FR 1164, Jan. 8, 2015; 85 FR 83402, Dec. 21, 2020]