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ATC Clearances and Aircraft Separation

2. Alternate ATC instructions have been issued.

3. A crew member informs ATC that the TCAS

maneuver has been completed.


TCAS does not alter or diminish the pilot’s basic authority
and responsibility to ensure safe flight. Since TCAS does
not respond to aircraft which are not transponder equipped
or aircraft with a transponder failure, TCAS alone does not
ensure safe separation in every case. At this time, no air
traffic service nor handling is predicated on the
availability of TCAS equipment in the aircraft.


−4−17. Traffic Information Service (TIS)

a. TIS provides proximity warning only, to assist

the pilot in the visual acquisition of intruder aircraft.
No recommended avoidance maneuvers are provided
nor authorized as a direct result of a TIS intruder

display or TIS alert. It is intended for use by aircraft
in which TCAS is not required.

b. TIS does not alter or diminish the pilot’s basic

authority and responsibility to ensure safe flight.
Since TIS does not respond to aircraft which are not
transponder equipped, aircraft with a transponder
failure, or aircraft out of radar coverage, TIS alone
does not ensure safe separation in every case.

c. At this time, no air traffic service nor handling

is predicated on the availability of TIS equipment in
the aircraft.

d. Presently, no air traffic services or handling is

predicated on the availability of an ADS

−B cockpit

display. A “traffic

−in−sight” reply to ATC must be

based on seeing an aircraft out

−the−window, NOT on

the cockpit display.


7110.65R CHG 2