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Arrival Procedures

8. When an airway does not cross the lateral

TAA boundaries, a feeder route will be established

from an airway fix or NAVAID to the TAA boundary

to provide a transition from the en route structure to

the appropriate IAF. Each feeder route will terminate

at the TAA boundary and will be aligned along a path

pointing to the associated IAF. Pilots should descend

to the TAA altitude after crossing the TAA boundary

and cleared for the approach by ATC. 

(See FIG 5−4−10).

FIG 5−4−10

Examples of a TAA with Feeders from an Airway

9. Each waypoint on the “T” is assigned a

pronounceable 5−letter name, except the missed

approach waypoint. These names are used for ATC

communications, RNAV databases, and aeronautical

navigation products. The missed approach waypoint

is assigned a pronounceable name when it is not

located at the runway threshold.


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